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The best price... You know that sentence? Then you're probably expecting the sales opening.


What we call "Sales Opening" is simply the moment where your train tickets for a given period will be up for sale. When you're aware of that in advance you can plan your trip in peace.


Are you ready? Book your tickets for this spring from 3 January 2017 :)


Note: Railwork may exceptionally delay the opening of reservations for some trains. Find more information on our dedicated page.

For travel on national TGV & INTERCITES, TGV Luxembourg & TGV Brussels

Warmer days are coming, and... summer sales are underway!

On Thursday 30 March 2017, SNCF is opening its summer sales!

All TGVs and intercities will be on sale for journeys from 30 June to 27 August 2017.

Summer sales opening of the L'Ocean and Western lines from 15 March

Good news!


TGV l'Océane (Paris <> Bordeaux) and the West are now open. More spacious and faster, these new TGV trains will reinvent your journeys:)


From March 15, 2017, TGV Ocean and the West are opening their sales for:

  • Travel from 30 June to 1 July at the current speed,
  • Travel from 2 July to 27 August for the new high-speed line.

If you are making group bookings, sales will open from March 10.


Tickets on sale 3 months in advance.


Book your tickets for the period 31 March to 9 May 2017 from 3 January!


Keep up to date and find out when your train will be available using our network alert function!

For travel on TGV France Italy, TGV France Spain, TGV ICE, TGV Lyria and Eurostar

For travel on TGV France Italy, TGV France Spain, TGV ICE, TGV, RENFE, TGV Lyria :

Sales of train tickets are usually open 4 months in advance for international journeys, and 3 month in advance for journeys in France.


For travel on Eurostar (between France, Belgium and the UK) :

Tickets on sale 6 months in advance.


Cancellation of Eurostar trains


We would like to inform you that tickets for certain Eurostar trains will be unavailable to purchase. View the list of applicable trains here.

Customers who have already made a reservation on these trains may choose a free exchange or refund.

For travel on Thalys

Tickets on sale 4 months in advance.



For travel on iDTGV, Ouigo and TER

  • For iDTGV travels :

Tickets on sale up to 6 months in advance.

  • For OUIGO travels :

You can book your tickets up to 9 months in advance.

  • For travel on TER :

Sales of train tickets are usually open 11 months in advance.

Booking alert: Receive an alert when your train is available to book

Subscribe to the booking alert to keep informed when you train is bookable!

To benefit from this service, here are the options for subscribing:


- Use this link to subscribe to our alerts form by filling in the details of your desired journey, as well as your e-mail address.
- Access the homepage to find the train you are looking for:

  • If after your research, all the trains are not available to book, you just have to enter your e-mail address.


  • If after your research, some trains are not available to book but not the one you are looking for, click on « show all trains” and scroll down to find your train.                        

Subscribe to the booking alert as shown below:







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