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Read all information about standard Thalys fares.

No-Flex fare: If you are looking for the lowest fares

  • Lowest price available for your Thalys journey
  • Can be booked up until 30 days prior to departure
  • Only available for journeys in Thalys Comfort 2
  • No exchange or refund possible for this fare

Semi-Flex fares: If you need a little more leeway

  • Can be booked up until 1 day prior to departure
  • Are valid for travel in First Class (Comfort 1) and Standard Class (Comfort 2)
  • Can be exchanged once before departure
  • 50% of the ticket price is refundable prior to departure and up until 1 hour after departure (at the Thalys station)
  • Remember that no exchange or refund is possible after departure."

Flex fares: If you want the ultimate flexbility for your journey

  • Can be booked until the day of departure
  • Only available for First Class (Comfort 1) journeys
  • Unlimited exchanges possible prior to the departure of your train
  • 100% of the ticket price refundable prior to departure of your train
  • 50% of the ticket price refundable after departure"

Special Fares

You can see our special fares here and the criteria to be able to book these fares.

Children’s fare

If you're travelling as a family, no problem! Thalys offers a special Kid's fare:

  • For all children under 12 years old
  • On all routes
  • 15€ in Comfort 2 and 30€ in Comfort 1 on all routes (except for Liege - Aachen, season trains and services to London)


Family & group fare

Thalys offers a Minigroup fare* for people traveling with their families or in small group.

  • For all journeys between 3 and 5 persons
  • Decreasing offer depending on the number of travelers
  • Single price in Comfort 2
  • Available on the following routes: Between Germany and Paris, London and Belgium; between Brussels and Amsterdam; between Brussels and London; between Paris and Antwerp; between the Netherlands and Paris, Lille and London. Subject to availability.



Disabled travellers

  • Passengers with a disability travelling in a wheelchair automatically benefit from Comfort 1 at the Comfort 2 price.
  • Companions of people with limited mobility can book their ticket at a special fare upon showing appropriate evidence. Unfortunately this fare is not available online. To book a ticket you can contact various Thalys sales points (stations or travel agencies) or by telephone.



Do you travel with Thalys regularly? Then TheCard is the solution. Discover a benefits package that has been specially compiled for you:

  • You save free miles that you can exchange for free train tickets or gifts
  • Save your Thalys train ticket on your Thalys TheCard
  • Access to special business lounges and other VIP services

    If you become a Thalys TheCard member and travel with Thalys regularly, your status evolves to one with increasingly more benefits:
  • TheCard Silver: less than 10 journeys per year
  • TheCard Gold: 10 to 28 journeys per year
  • TheCard Platinium: more than 28 journeys per year

You can also use your Thalys TheCard to book your Thalys train tickets on Voyages-sncf. This can easily be done by following these steps when entering your travel requirements:

  • Go to "Passenger" in the booking engine
  • Click on Loyalty card and select ‘Thalys TheCard’
  • Enter your card detail.

Register for TheCard

Ticket retrieval options

Never wait for your train tickets again but conveniently print them at home! Show your printed tickets to the conductor during the journey. Print your tickets as often as you wish, but always consider the environment!
You can always choose the Ticketless option:

  • Select your journey
  • When entering your data choose the Ticketless option as the method of receipt
  • Tip: select the SMS alert to receive a reminder of your reservation with all the details of your journey and a warning in the case of possible traffic problems which could influence your train.



With this option you do not even need to print your ticket. Show your barcode to the conductor on the train. Do not forget your proof of ID!
This is how to select a mobile ticket:

  • Select your journey
  • When entering your data choose the Ticketless option as the method of receipt. Then tick the ‘A MobileTicket' via smartphone in addition to the e-mail confirmation box and enter your telephone number*
  • After the payment you will automatically receive your Ticketless MobileTicket directly to your smartphone (you will also receive a confirmation e-mail).

*Depending on the availability of the service, the free service other than the internet connection will be from your mobile telephone.

Sending by post

You can only use this service if you book at least 7 days before departure. We recommend always choosing the Ticketless option if possible.

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*Minigroup Fare: Tarif Minigroup, on sale until the day before departure. For groups between 3 to 5 persons (over 12 years old) traveling together, under the same booking. Decreasing price based on the number of people traveling. Tickets available for a one-way journey on selected destinations and trains. Available in Comfort 2 only. Non-exchangable, non-refundable. Mandatory on-line payment. Subject to availability at the time of booking.